Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Example of a two dimensional array using basic program (QBASIC)

This is a sample on writing two dimensional array with Qbasic its kind of easy all you just need is to understand how it works.

here is the code:

DIM vars(2, 2) AS INTEGER
vars(1, 1) = 1
vars(1, 2) = 1
 vars(2, 1) = 2 
vars(2, 2) = 2
FOR y = 1 to 2
    FOR x = 1 to 2
        PRINT vars(y,x),
    NEXT x

The first line declares the type of array you want to make like in this case, its a 2 x 2 array.
The second line to the forth line initializes the array. i.e it gives value to the array the the last lines print the arrays to the screen.
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  1. you can ask questions if you don't understand any line of code. Thanks

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